Claydon Energy Partners was founded to give families and private clients access to a discreet service and expert insider knowledge of the global energy market. 

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We take our name from the village of Claydon in Ipswich, UK.

Almost 20 years ago our founder, Scott Johnson, met with a long-term private client in the small historic town. A successful individual, he was interested in investing in energy projects as well as better understanding how energy security and geopolitical uncertainty impacted his portfolio of investments.

Scott immediately realised that while institutional investors, from banks to pension funds, have access to internal analysts who stay on top of the market, this same level of insight was not available to private clients, family offices and even hedge funds.

The idea for an specialist energy investment advisory firm was hatched. Claydon Energy Partners was the result.


Scott Johnson is an oil analyst, advising family offices and individuals on their energy investment – as well as how geopolitical energy risk may impact their portfolio.

Born in Oklahoma City in 1965, he moved to Texas in the early 80s. Scott studied economics and finance at UT Austin before joining an oil sales consultancy in Houston, Texas. The role led him to travel extensively across the US, South America and the Middle East, and gave him hands-on experience across all sectors including upstream, mid- and downstream, plus service companies.

Scott joined a geopolitical risk consultancy in Boston in the mid-1990s, where he had the good fortune to meet a Brit, who he would eventually marry. After having their first child, he moved to London, where he set up his own oil, gas and renewables advisory company in 2001. The consultancy has changed very little from its initial founding.

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